Preventive Workshop “Beware of Swindlers“

Preventive Workshop “Beware of Swindlers“

07.02.2018 11:44:29
Preventive Workshop “Beware of Swindlers“On February 7, 2018 on the basis of the Saratov State Agrarian University together with the Russian Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) in Saratov, the proactive workshop for students of the Faculty of Economics and Management “Beware of swindlers!” took place. The members of the Public Council of the Saratov DIA were invited to take part in this event that was held to inform young people about different ways of cheating and how not to become a victim of a trick.

The seminar touched on the topic of popularization of public services, the involvement of citizens in the Voluntary People's Squad (VPS), to promote the law-abiding way of life and the prevention of all sorts of unlawful acts.

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