“Studentship is a fun time”

“Studentship is a fun time”

24.01.2018 11:40:17
“Studentship is a fun time”"There is such a nation - students, cheerful and special people!"
(Edward Asadov)

Studentship is a wonderful time in the life of every young man and woman.

The years of studentship are the most interesting and unforgettable. This time is filled with romance, carelessness. This is the triumph of youth and health, the consciousness that all roads in the world are open to the determined and purposeful conquerors of the impossible.

Studentship is a great chance to see the world, it's time to meet new people and gain strong friendship for many, many years.

Everyone knows that students celebrate their holiday on January 25.
The thematic exhibition "Studentship is a fun time", which is located in the reading room of the library of the training complex 3 is dedicated to this date.

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