Chinese-Russian youth forum "Yangtze-Volga 2015"

Chinese-Russian youth forum "Yangtze-Volga 2015"

10.08.2015 15:03:39
Chinese-Russian youth forum "Yangtze-Volga 2015"From July 28 to August 8, 2015 in the Province of Sichuan in the city of Chengdu I passed the Chinese-Russian youth forum "Yangtze-Volga 2015". In this forum the student of SGAU of N. I. Vavilov, faculty of veterinary medicine food and Yuli Belomestnov's biotechnologies took part in structure of the Saratov delegation.
"Volga-Yangtze" - a unique format of trade and economic and humanitarian cooperation between regions of the Volga Federal District and the Chinese provinces located in the top and average watercourse of Yangtze. The forum is headed by the plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in Volga federal district Mikhail Babich and the member of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Yang Jiechi
160 students from 50 higher education institutions of Volga federal district were a part of Volga federal district. These are the best students in study, leaders of public youth life, talented actors and athletes. The Chinese delegation was represented by 180 students from provinces of the top, average watercourse of Yangtze.
Youth cooperation – one of the priority directions in the Volga-Yangtze format. Actively the interuniversity student's exchange develops, the youth of Russia and China learns each other languages. In two last years the number of the students learning Chinese in higher education institutions of Volga region increased by 3 times.
For ten days the Russian students got acquainted with life and life of the Chinese contemporaries, with work of local universities, hi-tech enterprises, listened to lectures of the leading Chinese scientists, took part in scientific discussions, got acquainted with history and culture of China and the Province of Sichuan. In particular, visit of the center of vacuum automatic systems, objects of the superfast railroads, the center of a robotics, laboratory of wind tunnels, the leading state traction laboratory took place. Besides, the Russian students together with the Chinese contemporaries took part in competitions in direction finding of radio waves, in discussions and lectures on industrialization and development of modern economy, meteorology, to education. And informative also the excursion program including visit of the museums, architectural complexes, archeological excavations, the Sichuan opera was saturated.
Within a past at a forum of Day of Russia the youth of Volga federal district held presentation of regions of the district, organized a big colourful concert. Yulia Belomestnova participated in a gala concert and sang the final song "Russia — We Are Children Yours".
"I never took part in such large-scale project, for me there was a huge honor to represent our area and native HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, to appear on stage before hundreds of students and heads of the Chinese delegations. Besides a concert the trip to the wildlife reserve of a huge panda became one of the most memorable actions for my profession. More than a third of world population of the most rare huge panda, and also a small panda, a snow leopard and a smoky leopard lives in the wildlife reserve. Besides, in the region grows 5 — 6 thousand species of plants. For me it was very important to examine conditions of accommodation of animals, to observe habitat and the nature in which there live pandas, to estimate a condition and behavior of these lovely creatures. Also I attended lectures of the best scientists of Southwest University of Finance and Economy, learned Chinese and a calligraphy, visited theaters, historically important places and comprehended secrets of ethnic Chinese cuisine at Sichuan institute of tourism, I even managed to prepare with own hand three dishes and they were successful wonderfully well though weren't such sharp as residents of the province love. I attentively studied structure of Southwest University of Finance and Economy which takes the 3rd place in a rating of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of People's Republic of China, and noted that work levels in education and scientific activity are crossed with our HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. To the closing ceremony there arrived the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District Babich Mikhail Viktorovich and the governor of the Saratov region Radayev Valery Vasilyevich, Mikhail Viktorovich Babich made the solemn speech and noted importance of a youth forum and the international relations of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. The program of a forum was very saturated and left the brightest impressions in my life which I shared with volunteers and participants, told about our HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and presented souvenirs with SGAU symbolics of N. I. Vavilov. It would be desirable to express huge gratitude to the rector of our university Nikolay Ivanovich Kuznetsov for the given opportunity to visit the Chinese-Russian youth forum "Yangtze-Volga 2015".

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