Golden summer 2015

Golden summer 2015

12.10.2015 10:51:25
Golden summer 2015From October 8 to October 11 in the international exhibition center "Expo Crocus" (the Krasnogorsk) there took place the 17th Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden summer". The Russian Prime Minister D. A. Medvedev opened an exhibition.

The scientists of the Saratov GAU who submitted 14 projects on 8 competitive nominations took part in a work of an exhibition. The Saratov GAU delegation was headed by the rector of university N. I. Kuznetsov.

The agro-industrial complex of the Saratov region was presented by the uniform exposition stand. On October 9 on a scene of the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation the presentation with the main directions of development and achievements of the Saratov region was presented to agrarian and industrial complex. The region was presented the Deputy Prime Minister of the A.A area. Nightingales, Minister of Agriculture of the T.M area. Kravtseva, vice rector for scientific work of the Saratov GAU of N. I. Vavilov I.L. Vorotnikov.

Representatives of "Agrotsentr" and "Food industry worker" IN the Saratov GAU took part in work of an exhibition: D.Yu. Brednev, E.A. Pavlova, A.A. Lukansky.

Within an exhibition the scientific and practical conference "Scientific and Technological Development of Agro-industrial Complex and New Agenda of Agrarian Education" in which work took part the vice rector for NIR I.L took place. Collars, the chairman of the board of young scientists of university V. V. Neyfeld, the associate professor "The organization of production and a business management in agrarian and industrial complex" A.V. Nayanov.

Following the results of carrying out competitions projects of scientists of university received medals:

1. A hook-on plow of PBS-10P with the 300-450 kW tractors (authors - Boykov V. M., Aged men S.V., Nesterov E.S.);
2. Creation of databases of a geographic information system of agro-industrial complex of the Saratov region (authors - Tarbayev V.A., Gafurov R. R., Neyfeld V. V., Verina L.K., Honcheva L.M., Dolgirev A.V., Vertikova A.S.);
3. Technology of cultivation of an amaranth for production dietary and environmentally friendly food (authors - Shyyurova N. A., Bashinskaya O. S.);
4. An organizational economic justification of development of deep processing of livestock production with use of domestic raw materials and waste of the food industry (authors - N. I. Smiths, Collars I.L., Petrov K.A.);
5. Juice natural a direct extraction apple "Reguluses a garden" (the author - Brednev D.Yu.).

1. Development of the modern car of circular action and a control system of an irrigation (authors - Nightingales D. A., Zatinatsky S.V., Cat's N.M., Akpasov V.A., Kolganov D. A.);
2. Technology of seed farming of potatoes with application of an aeroponic way of cultivation of plants (the author - Tkachenko O. V.);
3. Technology of cultivation of the iodated fresh-water fish in cages (authors - Vasilyev A.A., Akchurina I.V., I.V. Zimens Yu.N. Poddubnaya.);
4. Technology of restoration of soil fertility of lands of agricultural purpose (authors - Upolovnikov D. A., Pavlova T.I., Denisov K.E.).

1. The nanomodified coverings and lubricants for import-substituting technical objects in agrarian and industrial complex (authors - Safonov V. V., Shishurin S. A., Azarov A.S., Halov E.Yu., Gorbushin P. A.);
2. The new equipment for cleaning of the vegetable remains in the protected soil (authors - Levchenko G. V., Andreyev N. A., Ishentayev E.D.);
3. Development of the system of management of an irrigation and modern dozhdevalny equipment on the basis of import substitution (authors - Nightingales D. A., Cat's N.M., Zatinatsky S.V., Akpasov V.A., Gomberg S.V.);
4. Development of the preparation "IMMUNOSEYF" for increase in survival of young growth and increase of efficiency of animals (authors - Volkov A.A., S. A. Conservatives, Kozlov S.V., YA.B. Staff).

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