The “Technologist Day – 2016”

The “Technologist Day – 2016”

13.10.2016 11:37:06
The “Technologist Day – 2016”A student forum “Technologist Day – 2016” was held at the faculty of veterinary medicine, food and biotechnologies of Saratov State Agrarian University.

This year the program of the event comprised the practical conference, the competition-exhibition of student works, the master class of the “KARE café” chef and a concert.

The Rector of Saratov State Agrarian University professor Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov addressed the participants of the forum with a salutatory word and stressed the importance of the profession of the technologist in the modern world: ”You have chosen a profession that is always in demand, today in Saratov there are more than five hundred catering centers: cafes, restaurants, snack bars. In our days when there is no problem of grocery shortage, much attention is paid to the health benefit of food, beauty and service. There is a very fierce competition in the sphere of food service and only competent professionals can withstand it. The most important thing for the professional is the constant striving to development and self-improvement”.

Not only students of Saratov State Agrarian University took part in the holiday-confined events, but also the representatives of other educational institutions of the region: Saratov Culinary College; Kalininsk Agricultural Lyceum; College of Economics, Law and Service of Saratov State Law Academy; Polytechnic College; Volsk Military Institute of Material Support.

The bright part of the forum was the exhibition where the students presented their culinary work. They were considered by the jury in several categories: complexity, originality, technology compliance, presentation of the dish. Professional experts: coffee house network "Coffee and Chocolate" chefs Elena Nikushina, Lyudmila Bazyma and "KARE cafe" chef Vasily Shobukhov were entrusted to evaluate the students’ works. In the final part of the forum there was awarding ceremony where the best presenters of the conference and the winners of the competition were awarded with diplomas.
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