Information on scholarship payment

Information on scholarship payment

18.01.2017 10:09:52
Information on scholarship paymentDziuban I. L., the Chairman of the Primary Student Union organization: "I would like to inform students that academic scholarship payments in accordance with the Government of the Russian Federation decree of December 17, 2016 №1390 will be 1484 Rub.

Payment of additional incentive funds to students who passed the exams: with good marks is +20%; with excellent marks is +40%, University will find a way to pay these uplifts (difference from the base academic scholarship) to scholarships. Further promotion and encouragement of the high achievers will continue. The only difference is that the uplifts to scholarships, together with the basic scholarship will come a little later in February. As it has been already informed earlier the payment of academic scholarships happens for the previous month (in February it is paid for January).

Social scholarships remain in the same amount 2227 Rub. For registration students should contact the Department of Social Protection of the Population (DSPP) or Multifunction center (MFC) at the place of residence. The students who have already applied for a social grant, will receive it before the end of validity of the certificate (12 months).

From the 1st of January 2017 amendments to the Federal law "On education in Russian Federation" entered into force. According to these amendments social scholarship will now be given to students "having received state social assistance" and not "entitled to receive state social assistance", as it was previously.

It is likely that the funds of the Scholarship Fund from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, which is funded by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in connection with the new calendar year of formation and distribution of the Russian budget will come in late January-early February. After receiving funds and distributing scholarship Fund scholarships will be given to the students.

Scholarship to needy 1st – 2nd year students who studies with good and excellent marks will be paid. Its amount depends on the minimum subsistence level in Russia as a whole (9889 Rub), and the difference between the subsistence minimum and the sum of all scholarships (academic+social) will be the additional payment".

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