Festival of methodical ideas

Festival of methodical ideas

21.12.2017 11:19:52
Festival of methodical ideasOn December 14, 2017 on the basis of SPO "Volsky technological College "the Regional competition of the festival of methodical ideas"Methodical potential in modern professional education" was held. It was held in order to identify and disseminate relevant pedagogical experience, methods and techniques of training that improve the quality of knowledge, skills and practical experience of students in accordance with the requirements of the GEF SPO, as well as to develop and implement the creative potential of teachers. Teachers of the Marx branch also successfully participated in this competition .

Borshchev Igor - Diploma of the 3rd degree for the presented competitive work on electrical engineering and electronics " Where is the logic?"in the category" Features of the organization of extracurricular activities in the innovative educational process", as well as The diploma of the Festival winner.

Festival of methodical ideas. Фото 1

<Festival of methodical ideas. Фото 1>

Festival of methodical ideas. Фото 2

<Festival of methodical ideas. Фото 2>

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<Festival of methodical ideas. Фото 3>

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<Festival of methodical ideas. Фото 4>