I am proud of you, Fatherland!

I am proud of you, Fatherland!

22.02.2017 09:27:42
I am proud of you, Fatherland!On February 22, in the assembly hall of the training complex № 2, there was a festive concert of the patriotic song "I'm Proud of You, Fatherland!", dedicated to the Day of the defender of the Fatherland.

Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov, the rector of the SSAU named after N.I. Vavilov addressed the students and teachers with the words of congratulation.
-This is a symbolic holiday that unites all generations: those who fought, defending our Motherland and those who are preparing to do it. With special pride, I want to say that none of our graduates, having received a summons to the army, did not evade the service - said the rector.- We must understand that the defense of the Fatherland is not only service in the armed forces, but also work for the prosperity of our state's economy, for ensuring food security.

Traditionally, at the festive event, veterans were honored. The rector presented a certificate of honor and gifts in honor of the 95th anniversary of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Pavel Yakovlevich Kabanov, who for many years worked in Saratov State Agrarian University.
Valentina Aleksandrovna Shulekina, chairman of the council of veterans of Saratov State Agrarian University congratulated all the guests on the coming holiday.
"This is a holiday of all patriots of our Motherland, all real men," said Valentina Alexandrova, "because next to them we feel safe, we feel that we are citizens of the Great country."
Honorary diplomas in honor of the upcoming holiday were also awarded Alexander Viktorovich Milekhin, associate professor of the "Physical Culture"department and Petr Vasilievich Mechetnoy, head of the department of operation of buildings and structures of TC № 2.

The chairman of the trade union committee of the teaching staff and employees, Andrey Vladimirovich Pavlov, summed up the shooting tournament "Together with dad".
- Day of defenders of the Fatherland is a holiday of those who defend the present of our Motherland and lay the foundation for the future, give confidence in the future, - Andrey Vladimirovich congratulated the audience.
The folk song ensemble "Kolosok", the song ensemble "Druzhina", the soloists: Victoria Mirzoyan, Natalya Tokareva, Milana Kuraeva, Dmitry Tobolnov, Svetlana Korkina, Dmitry Kail, Daniil Mikhailovichev and the academic choir of the University presented their vocal performances at the concert of the patriotic song.
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