Visit delegation of SGAU to the Morocco Kingdom

Visit delegation of SGAU to the Morocco Kingdom

22.05.2015 12:01:27
From April 22 to April 25, 2015 delegation of university as a part of the rector Kuznetsov N. I., vice rector for study Larionov S.V., dean of agronomical faculty Shyyurova N. A., dean of faculty of veterinary medicine, food and Molchanov A.V. biotechnologies. and the head of department of international relations of Camyshova G.N. took part in negotiation on signing of the framework agreement on cooperation between Rabat university of agriculture and veterinary science of Hassan II (the Kingdom of Morocco) and SGAU. During negotiations questions of development of interuniversity communications, the organizations of joint projects and other actions were discussed. The delegation also took part in work of the International educational exhibition "Student's Forum-2015" in the International exhibition complex of Casablanca, where the rector of SGAU Kuznetsov N. I. I met the minister of the higher education, scientific researches and professional development of the Kingdom of Morocco. At an exhibition the increased interest of entrants from Morocco to the specialties presented by the Saratov state agricultural university was noted.