Charity action "From heart to heart"

Charity action "From heart to heart"

25.05.2017 12:42:01
Charity action "From heart to heart"To the Children's Day in the period from the 23rd to 31st of May, the volunteer movement "EPICENTER" carried out the action dedicated to the national student charity festival "From heart to heart", which will be held on the 1st of June at the address: 1, Theatre square, Saratov

For children (0-4) of "Children's Home for children with Central nervous system diseases and mental disorders" in Marks City the following things are needed:
flannel rompers, sliders and undershirts, baby suits up to 4 years, cotton buds, diapers (preferably the number 3 or 4), wipes, baby powder, toys (no small parts).
Don’t bring creams or food.

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