Excursion on UK No. 3

Excursion on UK No. 3

28.08.2018 09:07:14
Excursion on UK No. 3Students of summer school from the Republic of South Africa for the purpose of acquaintance visited educational complex No. 3 of the Saratov GAU of N.N. Vavilov. The tour on a complex was conducted: director of institute of the international educational programs Bannikova Anna Vladimirovna and head of department of pre-university training of foreign citizens Loshchinin Sergey Olegovich.

Acquaintance to the territory of the university caused a lot of positive emotions in students. Our listeners visited Research laboratory "Technology of Feeding and Cultivation of Fish" where they could observe life of sea and river inhabitants. And also visited "Educational scientific testing laboratory by determination of quality food and agricultural products", examined the modern equipment for determination of quality of food products, and also listened to a short lecture about need of determination quality the agricultural products, for safety of the population.

Future students are veterinarians, with special interest visited the Anatomic and Pathoanatomical museums where the long time were considered by the presented exhibits and also got acquainted with the head of the department "Morphology, pathology of animals and biology" Salautin Vladimir Vasilyevich and the assistant to department Ulyanov Rustam Vladimirovich – teachers told about the history of department and about disciplines which students will study in the nearest future.

Students of summer school also visited educational audiences in which in several days lessons will begin. Also students got acquainted with the staff of dean's office.

Students liked very much the internal climate of academic building No. 3, modern educational audiences and laboratories.
Our guests look forward to the beginning of lessons!

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