The History of the Faculty

The History of the Faculty


In September 15-th, 1913 higher agricultural courses were opened in Saratov having the status of the university. Four years later, the courses were reorganized into Saratov Agricultural Institute. From 1917 to 1921 - at the university carried on research work and one of the greatest geneticists of the world - Nikolai Vavilov, whose name is perpetuated in the name of the university taught students there.

The Faculty of Economics was founded in 1952. For more than 50 years of its existence the department has trained about 6,000 specialists in the organization and planning of agricultural production, economic planning, management, economics and management of foreign economic activity of enterprises and firms. The faculty graduates work in various sectors of economy and take positions of the leaders of government agencies, enterprises, research institutes and universities.

In different years, the faculty was headed by Berdnikov D.S. (1954-1959), Germashev G.P. (1965-1973), Fadeev V.P. (1973-1982,1991-2000), Smotrov N.A. (1982-1984), Bokov O.G. (1984-1987),  Toropygin A.S. (1987-1991), Bateenkov P.S. (2000-2001). In January 2001, the Faculty was included in the Institute of Agribusiness SSAU named after  Vavilov N.I., and was led by PhD, Professor, Honored Economist of the Russian Federation Glebov I.P. After Faculty the reorganization of the Institute of Agribusiness Professor Glebov I.P. headed the faculty of Economics (2005-2009).
Accounting Faculty was established in July 2005 on the basis the Institute of Agribusiness (2000-2005) and the Faculty of Economics, functioning since 1952, and training economists in specialty "Accounting" began in 1957. In 2009, after the reorganization of the university the faculty was renamed into the Faculty of Finance and Economics.

To ensure the efficient training of regional agribusiness innovation-oriented professionals in the field of economics and management the faculty of Management and Agribusiness was formed in 2009 as a result of the merger of three departments: Economic, Management and Agro-industrial market ones.


In 2013 there was a merger of the Faculty of Management and Agribusiness with financial and economic department.