20.02.2018 16:37:03
InterkitchenDecember 14, 2017 representatives of the International Club gathered to talk about the traditions of national cuisine and the peculiarities of hospitality.
The meeting was opened with a story about the kitchen of Angola. After that, the tasting of the "Muambo" dish, prepared by Kim Cawina (Agronomical faculty), a talented singer and dancer.
Makarova A.N., Bukhovets V.A. helped to acquaint foreign students with the Russian hospitality symbol - pies.
Russian students Abdrakhmanova A., Aleksandrova L., Gavrilyuk V., Repkin S., Samigulin D., Soloviev E. had demonstrated secular conversation art.
N.Mohlala and P.D.Masukume presented Rooibos - a delicious and healthy drink from South Africa. B. Ntuli, M. Nkalanga, S. P. Mathabela performed the national song of South Africa in xhosa language.

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