All on Soccer!

All on Soccer!

27.06.2018 08:44:10
All on Soccer!Soccer is the most widespread and mass team sport in the world. For all month, on the basis of educational complex No. 3 of the Saratov GAU of N.I. Vavilov, competitions among students of preparatory department in mini soccer take place.
Students with pleasure play on specially equipped field, in free time. A game allows to hold cheerful, hazardous, dynamic command competitions which quickly and effectively include participants in a game and also allow to feel advantages of team work and give the chance to realize the creative potential of each of players that is very important for foreign students of preparatory department of Institute international educational programs of the Saratov GAU of N.I. Vavilov.
We will wish good luck and good, dynamic games further to our friends!!!

All on Soccer!. Фото 1

<All on Soccer!. Фото 1>

All on Soccer!. Фото 2

<All on Soccer!. Фото 2>

All on Soccer!. Фото 3

<All on Soccer!. Фото 3>

All on Soccer!. Фото 4

<All on Soccer!. Фото 4>